Well, this is going to be the most minimalist site I've ever created.

What's going to go here? Heh - I'm glad you asked. As many of you know, my 1985 Mazda Rx-7 GSL recently roared back to life. I've gotten a lot of mechanical things out of the way, and now it's time to make her pretty again.

This picture doesn't truly do her justice. With the sun (or flourescent lighting) shining on her, she shows off the blue, blue-green, black and metallic paints that she's painted with. Here's a sample though

So, below I'm going to post some links to items suitable for group birthday or Christmas presents.

Group Presents?

Yes - items on this list (due to price) may be collectively purchased and given to me in lieu of mutliple presents.

The list below is in order of relative priority.

Interior Carpet (part 0748) either dark blue or black.

Mariah Mode Four 3-Piece Skirt (part 0774)

59-320 Hatch Window Seal on Body 99.95

Okay - that covers the major items. What if you don't want to join the collective? That's absolutely fine by me - below you'll find the smaller stuff that would still make me smile.

All parts without links are from the most recent Victoria Secret (er Victoria British) catalog will be listed in teal.
Their number is 1-800-255-0088, and I will list pricing to make life easy. Additionally, I'm splitting up the items into groups so that their function is more obvious.

Model (close up of specific Model here).

Indiglo gauge faces $34.98

59-001 Accelerator Pedal Pad 9.95

59-009 Clutch/Brake Pedal Pad 4.95 (2x)

59-014 Footrest Pedal Pad 4.95

97-792 Protector Upper LH 5.95

97-793 Protector Upper RH 5.95

97-794 Protector Lower 7.95

97-772 Windshield mating clip kit 8.95

59-344 Door Window Seal Inner 12.95

59-346 Door Window Seal Outer 12.95

59-340 Glass Run Channel 29.95

59-342 Door Weatherstrip-LH 39.95

59-343 Door Weatherstrip-RH 39.95

85-256 Rear Hatch Strut w/o wiper 29.95 (2x)

59-564-BL Door Handle Cover Inner Black 6.95 (2x)

59-578-GR Door Pull Cup LH Gray 10.95

59-579-GR Door Pull Cup RH Gray 10.95

82-295 California Car Duster 21.95

82-296 California Car Duster Dash 14.95